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Call Us Today!
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Eye Exams
Comprehensive Eye Examination

We provide comprehensive eye examinations. Everyone in the family, from pre-school to senior citizens, should be seen annually. Preventative eye care is the best medicine to protect your sight. Many things can affect your eyes including hypertension, diabetes, glaucoma, cataracts, and medications you are taking. 

A periodic eye exam will help detect these changes, and safeguard the health and ocular efficiency of your eyes. Remember, just seeing clearly is not good enough.

Contact Lenses
Contact Lenses
Our office specializes in contact lens fitting. Many times we are able to successfully refit patients who were uncomfortable or unhappy with their previous lenses. Many more new types of contact lenses are available today. These are just a few:
Disposable contacts range from 1-day throw away lenses, 1-2 week wear lenses, or even 30 day lenses.
Colored contacts are available in many types and prescriptions now to either enhance your eye color or change your eye color.
Contacts for astigmatism are also available in soft disposable lenses in many nearsighted and farsighted powers.
Soft bifocal lenses are another alternative for the monovision patient or beginning presbyope.
Gas permeable lenses breathe much better than the old hard lenses for those patients that need a firm lens for their prescription.

Most replacement contact lens orders for our patients can be filled in 1 - 2 days or even mailed to their home.
LASIK                                                                                                                          Free initial Lasik (Laser Vision Correction) screening and consultation to help determine if you are a good candidate for the Lasik procedure.
We work closely with some of the best refractive surgeons in the country. As a refractive co-management specialist, we will provide the necessary pre-op and post-op care in consultation with the surgeon.

Hundreds of fashion eyewear frames are in stock to choose from in our optical department. We will strive to meet your special optical needs including golf, tennis, softball, hunting and fishing. Fashion and photochromatic tints or polaroid prescription sun wear are just some of your options. 

We use premium invisible progressive multifocal lenses so you can see clearly at all distances with no lines. We can also offer high index or polycarbonate lenses for thinner, lighter weight lenses for patients with higher prescriptions.

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